Wednesday, February 18, 2009

what is a cousin?

what is a cousin? we all have one its just that my family gives the true deffinition of one...we all know i have way much more cousins than this but these are the cousins i happen to see the most! Jonathon: he is the independent one that wont let you get a dang picture because he loves that game thingy. he is also the shy one that wont give me hugs because girls are icky. ha i love him. Jackson: the loud outgoing one. he will surely say the darndest things. crazy little thing.

ethan: cute as a button and he can be sweet when he wants to be.

maddie: the minnie me. she looks up to me so much and its just so cute. she is the most precious thing i know.

emmamae: she can be a lover or a hater but she most the times is a sweet little girl and loves hanging out with her beth beth.

mackenzie: minnie bethany. she loves her bethany, everytime i go babysit she has to have bethany there too because if not a big riot will start. i love all of my cousins even the ones i didnt blog about.