Wednesday, March 19, 2008

do meme have nothing better to blog about than her scrapbook poages ?

hey ok so why does meme blog about her scrapbook pages i totally do not understand is she running out of ideas for blogs ? why do a blog about scrap book pages if people already know what they look like . we all know she runs her mouth all the time and tells the whole world . but why post a blog about them help me understand because i definately wouldnt blog about my scrapbook pages because i wouldnt want everyone to "steal" (notice i spelled that right !) my ideas . and btw aunt amanda and meme stop giving me a hard time about this whole "wrath " thing and notice i spelled that right too or i will give you a hard time back ! and then you wont be my favorites :)

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

does playing with fire really make you pee the bed ?

OK so when we were at granma's house for aunt laura's birthday dinner i did get alot of pictures and i happend to snap these. and then it made me wonder does playing with fire really make you pee the bed ? well i think we should ask amanda if sny of her kids did. none of meme's did . haha well anyways i dont really think that playing with fire makes you pee the bed its just simply a story that grown ups tell thier kids so they do not get burnt or just even go near the fire . well even if they tell this specific group of kids not to go near the fire they so totally will do it anyways! we all know that they are all too hard headed to listen :) they cant help it theyre just kids so dont blame them . well yea like i said ask amanda if her kids pee'd the bed that night.

Monday, March 17, 2008

amandas wrath !

so aunt amanda and uncle Josh were sitting on the swings at grandma's house and i was taking pictures of them when all of a sudden Josh reaches over and grabs aunt amanda's neck and she looked like this she was saying oww josh and was about to slap the mess out of him now isnt this just pure love :) now aunt amanda totally didnt want me to put this on my blog but when you have something as great as this you cant help but put it on your blog ! I LOVE YOU AMANDA !

bethany is so trying to steal my fan club !

ok well we were AT granmas house for aunt laura's birthday dinner and we had all already eatin and we were all chilling outside then bethany gets the idea to be an evil gienus and totally steal my fan club so she gets out the wagon and starts pulling mckenzie and emmamae and gradually all the other kids wanted to ride and i couldnt stand it so i took pics to proove to you that bethany is just jealous i have a fanclub and so shes stealing all members ! i wont have that ! i wont ! i am going to just have to do something to get those kids to like me better but even if she does take some of them i know that ethan aunt amanda and totally meme and daddy will always want to be in fanclub and NOT bethanys ! Because bethany isnt as cool as me ! grrrrrrrrr bethany feel my wrath ! im coming to get you :)

Tuesday, March 4, 2008

my fan club !

ok so last year when we were on family vacation i played with all the cousins and everyone else so meme and aunt amanda decided that i should have a fan club and all the family and every one who abosolutely loves me is totally in it which includes meme too but i dont have a picture of her anyways so this is my fan club and every one in it and of course bethany is the president of my fan club because you cant have a fan club without a president and well me and meme had said it is definately bethany because she is definately the one who worships me most ! DEFINATELY ! haha well anyways she is the president because she is mini me and wants to be just like me act like me and she wants to be me :) i love bethany and secretly she is my favorite not like you didnt know that its pretty darn obvious :) anyways im her favorite too so this is why she is the president and when i told her today she is the president of my fan club she was soooo happpy and excited this is why her picture is at the top of the list and after that its just who ever else is in it ! I LOVE YOU FAN CLUB MEMBERS ! (AND IF YOUR NOT ONE THEN GO HUG A TREE OR BECOME ONE ) and did i forget to mention the wonderful mckenzie :) and i remeber i said i didnt have a pic of meme but i just updated this post so now i do i didnt have one of mckenzie either so they are the addition to the list but bethanys still number one on the list












amanda totally likes me shes myfavorite aunt thats in my fanclub haha j/k i love all but still aunt amandas great !

Sunday, March 2, 2008

homeless maybe ?

ok well you may think what is she talking about ? welll i went in the living room where we had empty boxes from delivering girl scout cookies and noah and bethany decided that they wanted to get inside of the box and so they did and i took a picture and me and meme decided that they look like homeless kids in these pictures . so my question to you is that do you know who these kids are and who they belong to if so then i think we should get them some proper care and nurishment and put them in a stable home so if you ever see these homless kids in your house in a box give them love and care because i forgot there not homeless they just love to pretend to be. i love bethany and noah ! ♥