Friday, November 14, 2008


my two best friends are staying and me and them and my uncle chris who i super duper love are going to the football game.GO PIRATES!!!

well i have been trying to keep up with my blog so even though i don't have pictures for you right now i still did write something :)

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

here's to amanda

camping me and bethany can defffinately be hotter than you.ok amanda this is to you cuz your hott haha:)
a new i'm hot and your not pose. i was going through my pics and found this one. just for the record its a old one but i just thought well i can't help myself amanda will love that pose. haha. ok ok i will put another i'm hot your not pose you ready????

Sunday, November 2, 2008


ok so here's the story..... noah wasnt allowed to play outside unless i went out to watch him s0 i did and i decided oh well i will make this interesting and play photo shoot with him. he loved every second of it. infact he kept saying take pictures of me with this and that and so on.... and so you seee he looks like a "bigboy" model. haha he was cracking me up soo much that i was like ok noah so i took pictures of him and the picture below with him and the cat he would not let me turn the camera off until i took a picture of him with that stupid cat and the sad thing is that is not even our cat!!!! if you go through and see all of his poses and facials you will see why i like to call him my little model, because he just cracks me up:)

Saturday, November 1, 2008

pumpkin patch

last we did the hay ride to the pumpkin patch and back and thats all and we had lots of funnn!!!
we also did the corn maze. obviously some people got tired of walking but i enjoyed it .

this is emmamae's pouting face (haha)

she tried and tried and tried and didnt get it.

christopher and bethany trierd to lasso the steer. christopher did good however bethany could not the the stupid rope on that things head

i did not ride the train because my butt is intirely too big !!!

obviously they were cold. i mean do you not see those faces???

the kids all wanted to ride the cow train

and this one!

.when we got there me and kelsea took a pic. and i love this one

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

to things i love about noah

20. because he wants to fat (haha j/k)and he's so silly

9. thinks everything is his

8.he is a big momma's boy

7. he thinks he can do anything he wants and whenever he wants.

6. he can be the sweetest little boy you have ever met

5. he has the prettiest blue eyes ever

4. he is very lovable(sometime a little too lovable)(especially when he is in trouble and tired)

3. he loves to take pictures on anyone's camera

2. he don't think he's cool he know's he's cool

1. he is so adorable

Saturday, September 6, 2008

10 things i love about bethany

10. you can never resist her.... she has everyone wrapped around her finger.

9. she's verry outgoing.

8. she's fun to be around

7. she sleeps with me every night

6. she's so cute when she asks to play dress up with my clothes

5.she's funny

4. she loves to take pictures with me.

3.she's very loving.(when she wants to be)

2.she's an excellent dancer.

1. she's the cutest thing ever!

RYANS FUNNN!!!!!!!!!

we went to ryan's tonight and it was so cute. i was talking to maddie and asked her if she wanted to be my best friend and she said ok. so the whole time she was following me around and sat next to me and it was just so cute. and i said hey maddie wanna go to the bathroom and she siad yes. guess what we did in there look for yourself..... then afterwards aunt amanda tried to take a picture of the kids on grandmas phone and could get a good one and i got this with mine when she tried and sent it to grandma. then they were trying to figure out how to set it as the backround and i said it's easy and did it and they were like ok. then i showeed grandma how to change the font color and aunt amanda and grandma thought i was some genius or something i was like well i practically have the same phone and i do everything on my phone and know everything about communication technology. so i am to tell you i can be smart sometimes and dinner was pretty interesting!!!

dont you just love jackson's facial expression:haha
i love me some maddie and obviously she loves he some lynsey.

horrible pic of me maddie on the other hand is adorable

arent we cool !


Friday, August 1, 2008

at my grandma's!!!!

i am at my grandma's house today! i didn't get to spend much time with her because of the fact she hasn't felt very well and i helped her with the other grandkids. but one day i will be able to have her ALL to myself again! hahaha i love my ggrandma and whether she knows it or not i love to be around her. i know she has been upset lately about me not keeping in touch and i feel like i am a horrible grand daughter for it ! but just to let her know i do still love her:)

here's to you

ok i know everyone has been asking me why i haven't been on in forever and do i not get on so here's my explanation.....
1. i have been very busy you know how teens have busy lifes yeah well im one of them.
2. i have been at my moms and she has dial up and i hate slow computers.
3. i haven't had time to even check the computer very much.
and 4. at first i forgot my blog password and had to figure it out.
so here is my update blog
have any suggestions of what i can blog about next????

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

my best friend!

my best friend is alyssa kay shattuck most of the family has met her already but if you havent you should . well she is awesome great and she loves me for me . we do everything together . we have gotten so close ever since ive met her weve been close.i just love her, anyways i havent been on blog in a while so i decided to chwck up and see what ive missed obviously alot. so i decided to post a blog and since alyssa kay is sick and not feeling too well i decided to blog on her because im so worried about her.:( . anyways so like i was saying .... shes just the one true friend i can trust and i really think she is going to be my best forever! anywho... she has been there for me everytime i need her for instance( when aunt laura died) and i can tell and do tell her everything the only true friend i can trust cuz all my other friends i cant and they give me a hard time about alyssa but i dont care i just love her and she has become a part of our family. she is always at my house ALWAYS! haha and ways we spend alot of time togrther i love her ! she is my best friend forever!

Friday, April 25, 2008

10 things i love about christopher

10. he talks to anyone
9. he has the cutest expressions on his face

8. he makes everyone laugh

7. he tells me im beautiful even without makeup

6. he gets overly excited

5. he's loving to everyone ( maybe a little too loving )

4. i love his accent (country )

3. he's adorable

2. he turns on the charm

1. he's fun to be around