Friday, April 25, 2008

10 things i love about christopher

10. he talks to anyone
9. he has the cutest expressions on his face

8. he makes everyone laugh

7. he tells me im beautiful even without makeup

6. he gets overly excited

5. he's loving to everyone ( maybe a little too loving )

4. i love his accent (country )

3. he's adorable

2. he turns on the charm

1. he's fun to be around

Thursday, April 24, 2008

10 things i love about kelsea

10. we can tell each other anything ! (i love you kelsea)
9. we can be sassy together

8. she loves being cute with me

7. she's got a adorably soft sided smile

6. she loves hangout with me when no one else will.

5. she can be my best friend

4. she's willing to be silly with me .

3. i can be silly around her with out her thinking im wierd.

2. she always tys to get into my pictures with me

1.she takes after me with her facial expressions.

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

ice cream anyone !

well when all of the family and cory and karen were at family dinner it was great.And what cracked me up was desert time. I went and got a bowl of icecream to eat and then maddi came and got the little red chair and put it in ront of me so i could feed her and everytime i moved she moved her chair where i was. Then gradually ethan emmamae came to get some ice cream too. these kids are so cute when they beg so i sat there and fed them my whole bowl of ice cream only having a few bites. Those kids crack me up especially maddi girl :)

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

you dancers you !!!

ok so as you know me and bethany are currently in dance .and a few weeks ago we went to our first compition and won a glod metal for our dance (sisters by bette midler) and we did fabulous considering its my first year in dance and bethany's and my first year in compition !!! we rock .. can you say pure dancer blood :) me and beth beth are awesome haha .. if you read this comments are nessesary!!!! do you hear tht aunt amanda :) haha and meme :)

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

here's to meme !

i simply dont like blogging about myself because people call me concieted and i hate that !!!! but for some reason this picture stood out to me. i need to say just to proove a point to meme that i take pictures in different angle but also to proove to her that i have makeup on and it's not so dark and not too light but it's perfect and i love this picture . even though i am a little sunburnt and my hair is a mess and im in pj's i look great ! meme this was for you !

fun fun fun !!!

these are all pictures of the times that i have had fun with all of my siblings . some are taken on different times than others but all of them are when i got along with them . i may act like i hate them sometimes but i actually love them to death ! THEY ARE MY LIFE :) all of my family is but my siblings makes life interesting . the 2 top pics are of noah and christopher on the way home form disney . we had a great time together :) and the rest were me kelsea bethany and noah jumping on the trampoline all having a great time !!! I LOVE THESE KIDS !♥

Saturday, April 5, 2008

me and aunt laura

ok well these are all the same ones but they are the only ones of me and aunt laura i have on my camera although meme has a bunch developed . i love aunt laura . I MISS HER SOOO MUCH!!!!

aunt laura

my DEAREST aunt has passed away and i was upset. she always made me feel like i was worth something and that i have a purpose in life . she has taught me many things that made me a better person than i am now . she practically treated me like a little sister and i loved that. some one that i loved more than anyone ever knows has made me better . Before bed every night i pray to fill the emptiness that was in my heart and then i cry and when i cry i feel like she's right there beside me comforting me and tellling me she loves me and not to worry that i will see her again. I just wished i would have gotten to tell her that i love her and thank you for making me the person that i am today . I wish she wouldnt have gone but her time to go back to our brother and father in heaven was then and i love her and want everyone to know how hard this is for me too. I feel her still close to me and when i pray I tell god to take care of her for us because we all very much love her and when i feel comfort in my heart i know that the lord is telling me he will .

here are a few pictures aunt laura took on her birthday May 15th 2008