Wednesday, February 27, 2008

one nasty habbit

well i walked in on my sister kelsea one day and i said what are you doing when she saw me she jumped. she said nothing. i responded yes you were biting your toes again. and she said she was cutting them down . so she went back to biteing her toenails and i snapped this picture and said you have one nasty habbit , she said back well my toenails taste good . well if they taste so good maybe she should marry them :) i love her though she's a toe biter !

watch out shes a bra napper

Well me and alyssa my friend went to the mall . this is alyssa to the right. well anyways she said quik take a picture of me with this bra so i did. but what you dont know is that bra wasnt her size . shes telling me to hush because i was laughing and i was really loud and she didnt want the manager to know that shes a bra napper . so if you ever see her stay away she might try to steal your bra!

dad thinks he can play poker !

ALMOST EVERY DAY WHEN WE ALL SETTLE DOWN DAD GOES TO HIS ROOM AND GETS ON THE PLAY STATION 2 AND SIMPLY SAYS " IM WINNING MONEY !" AND I SAID DAD YOUR NOT REALLY WINNING MONEY it'S JUST A game your not really winning money and he says "yes i am " and i simply argue back because dad thinks he knows everything when really he doesnt. meme says just tell him he's right because if not it will never end . so even though dad thinks hes winning money hes not . If only this man would learn to hear the truth . Dad just really thinks that game is real and he's the best poker player in the world . ♥ i love him anyways .