Wednesday, February 27, 2008

dad thinks he can play poker !

ALMOST EVERY DAY WHEN WE ALL SETTLE DOWN DAD GOES TO HIS ROOM AND GETS ON THE PLAY STATION 2 AND SIMPLY SAYS " IM WINNING MONEY !" AND I SAID DAD YOUR NOT REALLY WINNING MONEY it'S JUST A game your not really winning money and he says "yes i am " and i simply argue back because dad thinks he knows everything when really he doesnt. meme says just tell him he's right because if not it will never end . so even though dad thinks hes winning money hes not . If only this man would learn to hear the truth . Dad just really thinks that game is real and he's the best poker player in the world . ♥ i love him anyways .


echoeve said...

He really does believe that he is the best poker player in the world.

Harmony said...

You need to ask him what he is going to win with his pretend winnings. I would like to know what he says.