Tuesday, May 20, 2008

my best friend!

my best friend is alyssa kay shattuck most of the family has met her already but if you havent you should . well she is awesome great and she loves me for me . we do everything together . we have gotten so close ever since ive met her weve been close.i just love her, anyways i havent been on blog in a while so i decided to chwck up and see what ive missed obviously alot. so i decided to post a blog and since alyssa kay is sick and not feeling too well i decided to blog on her because im so worried about her.:( . anyways so like i was saying .... shes just the one true friend i can trust and i really think she is going to be my best forever! anywho... she has been there for me everytime i need her for instance( when aunt laura died) and i can tell and do tell her everything the only true friend i can trust cuz all my other friends i cant and they give me a hard time about alyssa but i dont care i just love her and she has become a part of our family. she is always at my house ALWAYS! haha and ways we spend alot of time togrther i love her ! she is my best friend forever!


Harmony said...

I hope you are laying on a basketball court in that picture and not on the road. You look great as usual. I would have to say you get it from your Aunt Harmony. Well I know I am not really your aunt but who cares I will say it anyway.

Amanda said...

I'm hot and you're not!!!