Tuesday, June 8, 2010

dance pictures 2009/2010.

noah's jazz."cuban pete.

my jazz."don't tell mama".

noah's ballet. he did two ballet, "under the sea" and also "rainbow connections".

bethany's solo. "my new philosophy".

my production dance. it was called "cha cha heels"

maddi's tap. her dance was called "cuban pete".

cousin picture...

Me, noah, and bethany brother and sisters pics.

maddi and noah "cuban pete".

these are just sister pics of emmamae and maddi.

these are mackenzie's. she also did "me and my teddybear".

These are emmamae's tap. her song is called "me and my teddy bear"

these are noah's tap. his dance was called "boy from new york city".

these are bethannys lyrical. her dance was called "dolls".

these are my lyrical photo's. my dance was called "let go" by frufru.

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gigi said...

My word that is a ton of pictures! And they are all wonderful!!!