Tuesday, April 22, 2008

ice cream anyone !

well when all of the family and cory and karen were at family dinner it was great.And what cracked me up was desert time. I went and got a bowl of icecream to eat and then maddi came and got the little red chair and put it in ront of me so i could feed her and everytime i moved she moved her chair where i was. Then gradually ethan emmamae came to get some ice cream too. these kids are so cute when they beg so i sat there and fed them my whole bowl of ice cream only having a few bites. Those kids crack me up especially maddi girl :)


Amanda said...

Love the post. I had heard someone saying that Madi had done that but I didn't get to see it. I'm glad you took pictures.

It's never safe to have ice cream around my kids.

echoeve said...

Lynsey you loved every minute of it.

You could be like the guy with the flute. except you would be the girl with the ice cream and all the little children would follow.

gigi said...

That is so precious! You are blessed to be the oldest and have all of them look up to you. Just remember to set a good example!