Saturday, April 5, 2008

aunt laura

my DEAREST aunt has passed away and i was upset. she always made me feel like i was worth something and that i have a purpose in life . she has taught me many things that made me a better person than i am now . she practically treated me like a little sister and i loved that. some one that i loved more than anyone ever knows has made me better . Before bed every night i pray to fill the emptiness that was in my heart and then i cry and when i cry i feel like she's right there beside me comforting me and tellling me she loves me and not to worry that i will see her again. I just wished i would have gotten to tell her that i love her and thank you for making me the person that i am today . I wish she wouldnt have gone but her time to go back to our brother and father in heaven was then and i love her and want everyone to know how hard this is for me too. I feel her still close to me and when i pray I tell god to take care of her for us because we all very much love her and when i feel comfort in my heart i know that the lord is telling me he will .

here are a few pictures aunt laura took on her birthday May 15th 2008

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Amanda said...

Lynsey, these pictures make me so happy. I am so glad to see them. I had totally forgotten that we took those. She was so beautiful all the time, wasn't she. I know that you and Laura were close and I know how much she loved you. I think she did think of you as a little sister. My heart is warmed to hear that you feel she comforts you. We are so lucky to have had the time that we had with her. Love you.