Saturday, September 6, 2008

RYANS FUNNN!!!!!!!!!

we went to ryan's tonight and it was so cute. i was talking to maddie and asked her if she wanted to be my best friend and she said ok. so the whole time she was following me around and sat next to me and it was just so cute. and i said hey maddie wanna go to the bathroom and she siad yes. guess what we did in there look for yourself..... then afterwards aunt amanda tried to take a picture of the kids on grandmas phone and could get a good one and i got this with mine when she tried and sent it to grandma. then they were trying to figure out how to set it as the backround and i said it's easy and did it and they were like ok. then i showeed grandma how to change the font color and aunt amanda and grandma thought i was some genius or something i was like well i practically have the same phone and i do everything on my phone and know everything about communication technology. so i am to tell you i can be smart sometimes and dinner was pretty interesting!!!

dont you just love jackson's facial expression:haha
i love me some maddie and obviously she loves he some lynsey.

horrible pic of me maddie on the other hand is adorable

arent we cool !



echoeve said...

I loved the pictures. Any guess what Lynsey I think Bethany and Madi will be fighting over who will be president of your fan club.

Amanda said...

That Madi loves it when she can be around you and Bethany. That day that we were at Ryan's a few weeks ago and you left with Courtney she flipped out for like an hour. She loves her some Lalalalynsey.