Tuesday, September 9, 2008

to things i love about noah

20. because he wants to fat (haha j/k)and he's so silly

9. thinks everything is his

8.he is a big momma's boy

7. he thinks he can do anything he wants and whenever he wants.

6. he can be the sweetest little boy you have ever met

5. he has the prettiest blue eyes ever

4. he is very lovable(sometime a little too lovable)(especially when he is in trouble and tired)

3. he loves to take pictures on anyone's camera

2. he don't think he's cool he know's he's cool

1. he is so adorable


Amanda said...

Your family always looks like it is having so much fun. You are so lucky to have each other. And in that one pic it looks like Echo is giving birth to Noah.

Harmony said...

I think he is so darn cute! Yes those blue eyes. Braxton James and Noah James share that trait. They both have those big blues!