Sunday, November 2, 2008


ok so here's the story..... noah wasnt allowed to play outside unless i went out to watch him s0 i did and i decided oh well i will make this interesting and play photo shoot with him. he loved every second of it. infact he kept saying take pictures of me with this and that and so on.... and so you seee he looks like a "bigboy" model. haha he was cracking me up soo much that i was like ok noah so i took pictures of him and the picture below with him and the cat he would not let me turn the camera off until i took a picture of him with that stupid cat and the sad thing is that is not even our cat!!!! if you go through and see all of his poses and facials you will see why i like to call him my little model, because he just cracks me up:)

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Amanda said...

Noah's going to be a model. He's hot stuff.