Saturday, November 1, 2008

pumpkin patch

last we did the hay ride to the pumpkin patch and back and thats all and we had lots of funnn!!!
we also did the corn maze. obviously some people got tired of walking but i enjoyed it .

this is emmamae's pouting face (haha)

she tried and tried and tried and didnt get it.

christopher and bethany trierd to lasso the steer. christopher did good however bethany could not the the stupid rope on that things head

i did not ride the train because my butt is intirely too big !!!

obviously they were cold. i mean do you not see those faces???

the kids all wanted to ride the cow train

and this one!

.when we got there me and kelsea took a pic. and i love this one


Amanda said...

You and Kelsea take some cute pics together. Love the one of you and Emma Mae and love the pouting one, too. I tried and tried with that stupid lasso and couldn't get it either. Love ya!!

gigi said...

This was a very fun post. You need to keep doing this you are good at it!