Wednesday, March 19, 2008

do meme have nothing better to blog about than her scrapbook poages ?

hey ok so why does meme blog about her scrapbook pages i totally do not understand is she running out of ideas for blogs ? why do a blog about scrap book pages if people already know what they look like . we all know she runs her mouth all the time and tells the whole world . but why post a blog about them help me understand because i definately wouldnt blog about my scrapbook pages because i wouldnt want everyone to "steal" (notice i spelled that right !) my ideas . and btw aunt amanda and meme stop giving me a hard time about this whole "wrath " thing and notice i spelled that right too or i will give you a hard time back ! and then you wont be my favorites :)


gigi said...

Hey girly girl. I'm glad Echo puts pictures of her scrap book pages on her blog, how else would I ever see them. She works so hard on them and she is so talented. Thanks Echo!

And now thanks for checking out my blog and leaving comments. I appreciate the attention, I need it!

Amanda said...

Be careful or you might have to suffer the 'raft' of Echo.

I'm sorry I had to and that will be the last time. I still want to be in the Presidency of your fan club.

echoeve said...

Well if you thought posting the scrapbook pages were so odd then why oh why did you move them to your site?