Tuesday, March 18, 2008

does playing with fire really make you pee the bed ?

OK so when we were at granma's house for aunt laura's birthday dinner i did get alot of pictures and i happend to snap these. and then it made me wonder does playing with fire really make you pee the bed ? well i think we should ask amanda if sny of her kids did. none of meme's did . haha well anyways i dont really think that playing with fire makes you pee the bed its just simply a story that grown ups tell thier kids so they do not get burnt or just even go near the fire . well even if they tell this specific group of kids not to go near the fire they so totally will do it anyways! we all know that they are all too hard headed to listen :) they cant help it theyre just kids so dont blame them . well yea like i said ask amanda if her kids pee'd the bed that night.


echoeve said...

I don't think my kids wet the bed that night,

Amanda said...

I've never heard that before. No, my kids did not pee in the bed. However, Madi did pee all over the house yesterday. Does that count?