Sunday, March 2, 2008

homeless maybe ?

ok well you may think what is she talking about ? welll i went in the living room where we had empty boxes from delivering girl scout cookies and noah and bethany decided that they wanted to get inside of the box and so they did and i took a picture and me and meme decided that they look like homeless kids in these pictures . so my question to you is that do you know who these kids are and who they belong to if so then i think we should get them some proper care and nurishment and put them in a stable home so if you ever see these homless kids in your house in a box give them love and care because i forgot there not homeless they just love to pretend to be. i love bethany and noah ! ♥


Harmony said...

Those are the two cutest homeless kids Ive ever seen.

Amanda said...

They sure look like happy homeless kids.